Wholesale creative pineapple shaped glass drinking Mason jar cup with straws

Short Description:

♦Weight: 325g. Capacity: 500ml

♦Color: black, red, yellow, purple, green,blue

♦Features: handle design, anti – skid concave design.

Fashion life, healthy choice. New materials are adopted to protect your health. Three-dimensional relief, thick handle, suitable for storage of salad. A cold drink, beverage, etc

Product Detail

Product Tags

♦Suitable for drink shops, coffee shops, milk tea shops, home and so on.Large mouth design, more convenient to pour drinks, drink is also very carefree.Different colors, with different drinks, a visual feast to enjoy. ★ Iron lid, shiny beautiful, the lid on the small fresh English letters literary style, very good quality. ★ Fresh candy color, let a person’s eyes. ★ With lovers, is also very lovely!Shake off the heat with a beautiful Mason jar for a visual feast with a variety of drinks. Matching couples is also lovely, some fruit jam is also good.

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