Stainless steel oil bottle glass vinegar bottle kitchen household sealed rotating cover leak-proof oil bottle

Short Description:

Material: Glass + 304 stainless steel
Weight: 332g
Size: Height: 17.5 Bottom diameter: 8.7cm
– Large 380ml oil and vinegar dispenser
– Unique stainless steel and glass combination, safe and healthy
– Rotating lid design, dust-proof, no drip spout, looks clean and neat
– Glass bottle doesn’t take on the flavor of plastic, easy to clean
– Stainless steel cover, durable and anti-slip
– Can be used as oil bottle, vinegar bottle, or for other liquids


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This stainless steel rotatable oil bottle,the outside of the bottle is surrounded by 304 stainless steel metal, play a protective role, one molding, drawing work feel doubly.Widely used in: 
edible oil, olive oil, vinegar, rapeseed oil, salt, pepper, etc.

Rotary bottle cap-this oil bottle has a 180°rotary cap, you can hide the twist nozzle, let the sauce when not in use is not affected by the bug dust pollution, convenient suggestions.
Large Diameter-the oil bottle , no matter what is poured into the seasoning sauce are very convenient, no funnel auxiliary, can easily into the oil.
Hard shell-this cruet made of 304 stainless steel and glass, the perfect combination of steel casing design and strengthen the bottle body, anti fall and anti wear. Surface drawing process, delicate texture, non stick oil, easy to clean and wear resistance.
Lead-free glass-this olive oil bottle made from plumbum free glass.lead-free glass contact surface makes the oil more secure, outside of the stainless steel to reduce oil transmission area, prevent seasoning for light decomposition. Bottom wave pattern, safety slip.
Food grade material - cap sealing ring of this oil dispenser is made of raw silica gel, safe and tasteless, soft and delicate texture, easy to aging, better fitting sealing. Cap selection of food grade PP material, safe and tasteless, low density, high hardness, durable and more environmentally friendly.


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