Square clasp bottle sealed bottle beverage bottles wholesale glass bottle

Short Description:

1.Metal buckle, sealed design, fashionable and beautiful

2.Kitchen sauce storage, paste label, transparent glass at a glance, orderly.

3.Before traveling or going out, pack a bottle of self-made juice to supplement nutrition, which is full of happiness.

4.Four specifications:125ML,250ML,500ML,1000ML

5.A large number of stock, customized company support, welcome to consult

Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Classification and induction, multiple capacity, recycling, metal buckle, sealing design, fashionable and beautiful

2. Food grade rubber is adopted, with strong sealing and large capacity.

3. It can be used for juice drinks, milk storage, red wine storage, enzyme bottles, oil bottles, various capacity design, to meet the requirements of different quantities and sizes of food, suitable for storage at room temperature

or refrigerator. Kitchen sauce storage, paste label, transparent glass at a glance, orderly.

4. The transparent glass bottle body is easy to distinguish and provides a better choice for home. The body of the bottle is transparent and bright. Human anti-skid shading design, ease of use.

5. Four specifications: 125ml, height: 13.4cm, bottom diameter: 6cm.250ml, height: 20.6cm, bottom diameter: 5.5cm.500ml, height: 25.3cm, bottom diameter: 7.7cm.1000ml, height: 31.5cm, bottom diameter: 8.2cm.


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