Spice Bottles

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Application: Ideal seasoning container for spice, salt, sugar, herbs, pepper and so on
Material: Made of lead-free glass material, non-toxic and eco-friendly, durable and safe to use
Clear container: A clear container allows you to view and find the contents clearly and quickly
Rotating design: The seasoning pot with rotating cover is easy and convenient to use

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★High-quality soda-lime glass, not easy to be dirty, smooth, easy to clean,The top cover is made of ABS safety material. After use, it is covered and clean.
★A selection of healthy ceramic movements for a scent;The thread is non-slip, which increases the friction with the table to prevent slipping.
★Rotate the dome clockwise and tighten it (the direction of the small circle is fine grinding). Rotate the dome counterclockwise and loosen it (the direction of the large circle is rough grinding)(Grinding precautions: 1: Grinding particles should be less than 8 mm, the maximum distance of the grinding card is 8 mm, so more than 8 mm of particles, please break and then grind 2: After cleaning, please split and put it in a ventilated place to help quickly Dry)
★Stop using those ugly, plastic, mass produced store bought, salt and pepper shaker grinders, that end up in land fills and pollute our environment. The advantage of our product is friendly for the environment and friendly to your household budget. It can be re-used over and over.
★If you are looking for for any holiday or special occasion gifts, such as Mother's Day, Christmas, Housewarming or Wedding, this is what you need! Makes a great gift for the professional chef, home cook or mother in your life

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