Popular Sealed Straight Round glass bottle honey jar with Aluminum Lid for storage

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Lid:aluminum screw cap

Transport package: carton or pallet

Type: in stock

You can fill them with honey, jam and much more!

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Each size: Glass bottles of various capacities to meet your storage needs

Surface Treatment: Frosted, Decal, Polish, Paint, Color spray ,etc.

Use: it can be used to fill many kinds of food, such as Jam, Honey, Yogurt, Dried Fruit and Scented tea etc.

Material: good quality glass,crystal looking,smooth touch

Keep food fresh in style : With these simple, but classy crystal-clear glass canisters, you can organize your counter and racks, without ruining the decorate of your kitchen.

Air tight and leak proof: Slow oxidation, keep your food fresher for longer.

Reusable instead of disposable.Non-toxic glass is an impermeable, non porous and infinitely recyclable material, completely free of harmful chemicals.


No silicone seals, so 100% recyclable through normal household recycling.

Clear glass to see contents and for easy cleaning. Textured bottom to avoid container slipping over.Aluminium cap easily screws on and off.




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