Pickles the long-term storage or glass bottle is very suitable

Pickle bottles, in many people’s impression is often dominated by the village snack bottle.
In the past, soil clay as pickles bottles pickled pickles, is necessary for each family.In the current time, with the accelerated pace of life, pickles have started to enter the supermarket, to enter the field of fast moving consumer goods. Diversified pickles bottles packaging more.

For the large scale of pickles, pickle bottles soil pithos is still the best choice, this form can realize large-scale industrialized production of pickled and. But for the supermarket, using glass pickles bottles and plastic bottles of pickles in the form of more convenient to carry. with the packaging cost rising, more and more enterprises begin to use plastic wide mouth bottle packaging pickles. However, we believe that the pickles bottles as food packaging, in the case of conditions, especially now that some families will be a small amount of homemade pickles, in th case the best use of glass bottles of pickles. plastic bottle and pickles pickles long-term contact, repeated use, if stored suitably, will release harmful substances. In the market to buy, if the short term can not be eaten, it is recommended to consider plastic pickles bottles as well.

Post time: Dec-11-2019