Kitchen square Glass storage jar sealed tank with stainless steel lid

Short Description:

800ML/1200ML/1800ML/2200MLSquare glass storage tank with stainless steel lid

Name: Multifunctional storage bottle

Color: transparent

Material: glass

Capacity: 800ML/1200ML/1800ML/2200ML

Shape: square

Versatile :The kitchen food storage container is ideal for storing a variety of ingredients including candied fruit, jam, chutney, candied fruit, candy, honey, coffee, spices and more. For homes, offices, restaurants, etc

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Keep fresh and waterproof - Food storage tanks create a dry and sealed environment to keep the food fresh and dry, it also allows you to easily sort and use. The bottle body is made of lead-free glass material, crystal clear, high hardness, wear-resistant, beautiful and durable, which can save a lot of space for your kitchen and cabinet, thus achieving better kitchen organization. sharing size can be placed in the cupboard storage tank size is suitable, can be placed on the countertop can also be stored in the cabinet.

2.Healthy material lead-free glass, lead-free glass, high transparency, more tenacity, more safe and reliable kitchenware.

3.Sealed can lid - Made of 304 stainless steel, sealed for good moisture resistance and durable.

4.large diameter wire mouth, access more labor-saving, high-quality thread, fine craftsmanship, durable, excellent sealing performance.

5.Strong enough for everyday use thanks to a sturdy glass construction, these clear containers feature modern silver lids to keep food items fresh.

6.Multi-functional sealed cans can seal a variety of types to make life healthier.

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