Different sizes hexagon pickles bottles jam bottle honey bottle

Short Description:

1.Hexagon pickles bottles jam bottle honey bottle can be used for canned food, cooking jam and jam, vanilla and spice, candy, special dessert and jam, chutney, honey, jam, etc.

2.It is made of high quality glass material, which is safe, durable, mothproof, moisture-proof, and well sealed.

3.There is enough storage space in the hexagon jam jar. The jar body is placed compactly, saving space. The hexagon glass jam jar has several wide necks and shoulders, which is convenient for storage.

4.After fine grinding, the body of the bottle is more transparent and glossy. It can be seen that it is fresh. The bottom of the bottle is thicker than other products on the market, and the quality is better.

5.Bottle color: transparent, cover color: multiple colors to choose, shape: Hexagon, multiple capacities to meet your needs!

Product Detail

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Ideal for storing food items such as honey, jams, pickles, chocolates etc. Great for gift packaging and look very attractive when filled with colourful food items!

Microwave, Fridge safe. Please dry lids immediately after wash or just wipe it with wet cloth do not keep lids in water for long time!

Store the tea leaves and retain the taste. Store spices for easy classification. Keep the sauce for a long time. Best choice for storing honey.

With corrosion resistance, it can hold grains without moisture.

High stability, high quality glass without any harmful substances. Easy to clean, smooth glass is not easy to hide dirt.

Tinplate bottle cap, color optional, if you need, you can con sult us!A variety of capacity options to meet your capacity needs.76

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