China square glass honey jar jam food storage jar with lid

Short Description:

Capacity: 50ml, 80ml, 100ml, 200ml, 280ml, 380ml, 500ml, 730ml

Cap: Tinplate cap, available in four colors or custom colors.

Suitable for: storage jar of honey, pickles, canned goods, etc

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Five factors determine whether the sealed bottle is good or bad: sealed preservation, dustproof, natural environmental protection, multiple choices of storage, transparent and easy to distinguish. Our product makes you feel more assured and comfortable to use, and creates a storage tank suitable for honey, jam and pickle.Store fresh, healthy, delicious and nutritious.

Lead-free glass material, high stability, high quality glass will not appear any harmful substances, tinplate outer cap, threaded bottle mouth, thickened bottle bottom, with exquisite stickers, beautiful and generous.

Tinplate cap, not easy to rust, durable, corrosion-resistant, safe material, strong practicality, holding grain is not easy to appear wet.

Smooth bottle mouth, thread design, smooth polishing, thread design and bottle cap better fit, enhance sealing, intimate design is worth having.





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