China square bar KTV beer glass crystal glass whisky foreign glass household water glass

Short Description:

♦Capacity: 250 ml

♦Usage: wine,beer,water,juice,beverage

♦free fo existing sample

♦We undertake KTV, hotels, hotels, bars, cafes, household one-stop shopping, because the product is too much, you can take the map to inquire, price concessions, large quantity can be wholesale, price details, welcome to consult

Product Detail

Product Tags

Whisky classic glass series, spacious mouth, easy to drink, highly transparent, upgraded thicker, thicker than the previous specifications, to maintain the life of the product at the same time to maintain the product itself more transparent, durable.

The rim of the cup is strictly made and tested to ensure that there are no bubbles and no curling, so that you can experience smooth during use.

Simple design, fashion cup, transparent glass, crystal clear, classic shape, in the process of use can also enjoy the visual effect of wine.


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