China new design glass sealed container storage jars with glass lids suppliers

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The airtight lids on these glass jars have a secure seal to keep the contents of the jars protected, fresh and dry.They are expertly designed to be removed with ease, without placing any strain on your wrist.The crystal-clear glass makes it easy to view its contents at a glance.

Sealing Type: Crown Cap

Capacity :500ml.750ml.1000ml.1300ml

Made of durable, crystal clear glass

Use it to store dry goods, baking ingredients, spices, candy, and more



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This set of glass jars comes in 4 sizes and can store different products.Transparent bottle body, thickening bottle bottom.The  storage tanks are easy to use, environmentally friendly, non poisonous and very easy to clean.

Versatile glass containers : these air-tight food-safe Keepers are not only ideal for storing Dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, candypasta, Coffee and tea, they are also perfect for holding liquids such as winewater, juice, Soup, and any drinks. No need to worry about liquids spilling out.

Crystal Clear:The crystal clear glass construction of this jar allows you to create a visually-appealing display, which can help increase impulse sales. Also, employees can easily see when contents are running low without having to take off the lid.


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