Xuzhou Chuancheng Glassware Co., LTD.is a manufacturing corporation which specializes in glass bottles production crafts, cutting technology, high borosilicate glass products. The company with convenient water, land and air transportation, close to Lianyungang port. We have 5 automatic production lines and 20 artificial lines, which can produce 2.8 million bottles a day. Our company's existing staff are more than 500, including 28 experienced senior technical staff and 15 quality inspection staff. Our company is always following service ,honest working, Keep improving, Quality first, Customer paramountcy'. 

Our factory produces many main varieties

With the high quality products and complete, scientific quality management system, we have already established business relationships with many domestic and foreign customers. Of great integrity, company strength and product quality. 

Why choose Xuzhou Chuancheng Glassware Co., LTD.

ur factory produces more than 800 main varieties: Honey glass bottle, jam glass bottle, pickle glass bottle, soy sauce bottle, vinegar bottle, olive oil bottle, oil bottle, wine bottle, beverage glass bottle, canned glass bottle, furu bottle, seasoning bottle, fruit wine bottle, health wine bottle, juice bottle, medicine bottle, coffee bottle, cup, bottle, control glass bottle, glass candlestick, glass jar, handle cup, water. Cup, oral liquid bottle, fruit tea bottle, material wine bottle, tomato sauce bottle, rice wine bottle, cosmetics bottle, perfOume bottle, wind oil essence bottle, cream bottle, tissue culture bottle and so on. It can also be used for deep processing of glass products such as frosting, spraying, silk printing, baking, engraving, baking ceramics, etc.

According to the requirements of customers, we can design new bottles in the short time, and make new moulds. The quality is qualified and the price is reasonable.The company has a mature logistics mode, which can provide customers with consignments, trucks, train skins, containers, waterways, air transportation and so on.


Glass products company features:


(1) Excellent quality - in the same industry, stable quality, white material, good finish.


(2) More than 800 varieties, and 3-7 days to replace new products.


(3) Complete support - own bottle cap factory, mould factory, carton factory.


(4) Good reputation - good reputation in the same industry, especially in the supply of customers.