750ml Cork Wine Glass Empty Bottle Big belly champagne

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Certificate:SGS certification,ISO9000,ISO9001 and CE certification

Surface Treatment:Frosted, baked flowers, silk screen, bronzing, color spray, etc

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Glass champagne bottles are suitable packaging for wines and champagnes. They help maintain the desired temperature of the stored wine. We supplies glass champagne bottles in different sizes, designs, and capacity. We have wholesale mini champagne bottles, large champagne bottles, colored glass wine bottles, and more. We offer different colors of champagne bottles, we have yellow, amber, green bottles, some are transparent.

This empty champagne bottle is yellow in color and can be easily distinguished from others. It has a long neck and a narrow top and bottom, which is its unique charm. The bottom of the bottle also has a concave hole to allow sediment to accumulate in the bottom of the trough to avoid the red wine being cloudy.

The heat shrinkable hat is available in various colors, as shown in the figure below:


Red wine cork, style 1: 4.4 × 3.1cm, style 2: 3.9cm × 2cm, style 3: 2.7 × 2cm:



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